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Meopta TGA 75 Spotting Scope Body

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Meopta TGA 75 Spotting Scope Body

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Meopta TGA 75 Draw Tube Spotting Scope Waterproof, Dustproof, fully multi coated prisms and lenses, rubber armoured. 20-60x and 30x eyepieces available. Also 30x WA-R with rangefinder.



Meopta TGA 75 Spotting Scope Body Description:

Meopta TGA 75 Spotting Scope Body
The design of the TGA 75 draw tube spotting scope is based on the excellent optics of the HA/HS 75 series, with superior light transmission, edge to edge image resolution and clarity, stemming from our fully multi coated lenses and prisms.  The draw tube design allows for quick set up, using a 1/4" or 3/4" tripod mount, or simply a rock or tree for support.  The TGA 75 has a secure grip and provides smooth and precise focusing.  This collapsible (9.5 inches) and easy to carry lightweight (40.6 oz) scope is ideal for use in the field and especially on the move!  the noise and shock dampening armour makes this water and dust resistant scope extremely rugged and a must for any serious backpacker or hunter.  The eyepieces for Meopta TGA 75 and Meostar S1 are mutually interchangeable except for the 30x WA-R ranging eyepiece, which can only be used with the TGA 75.
Meopta H75 30x WA-R
The Meopta H75 30x WA-R is a fixed power wide-angle eyepiece, which has been designedfor the TGA 75.  What makes this eyepice unique is that it has been fitted with a ranging reticle (cross) enabling the user to estimate the distance of the object being observed.
Use of the ranging reticle to estimate distance.
The dash lines placed from top to bottom on thin lines subtend the angle of 1m at 1000m, i.e. 1 milliradian.  In military terminology this angle is called 1 mil.  The distance D can be determined by a simple calculation using the formula D=1000xH/h, where H stands for the actual target height in meter and h stands for its angular height in scale divisions.  For precise range finding it is necessary for the user to know the exact or estimated target height.  For example, the estimated height of an adult Roebuck body trunk is 0.5m and with angular height in the reticle screen as seen in photo 2 the distance is calculated as follows D=1000x0,5 /h = 125m.
  • Magnification with 30x WA or 30x WA-R 
  • Field View 38m/1000m
  • Magnification with 20-60x
  • Field of View 31-16m/1000m
  • Lens Diameter 75mm
  • Dioptric correction 5 Dpt.
  • Eye Relief 15mm
  • Minimum Observing Distance 6m
  • Length in shifted in / shifted out state (without eyepiece) 250/375mm
  • Weight without eyepiece 1150g
  • Focal length 800mm
  • f-number 11.1
  • Camera attachment ring T2
  • Photoadaptor length 167mm
  • Photoadaptor weight 180g